More About Truck Accidents And Filing For Damages

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More About Truck Accidents And Filing For Damages

Every year, many people across the United States get severely injured by 18-wheeler truck accidents. Accidents involving 18-wheelers have become quite common throughout the United States and the number of such accidents is growing with each passing day. Accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks can be extremely dangerous and even if it is a seemingly minor accident, it can still leave you with significant injuries. Because 18-wheeler trucks are a lot larger in size and a lot heavier in weight, when such a truck collides with a smaller vehicle like a passenger car, the driver and/or passenger of the car would have little to no chance of survival.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in an 18-wheeler accident because of the fault or negligence of the truck driver, you may be entitled to personal injury compensation. Different types of damages are awarded in a truck accident lawsuit but such damages are divided into two main categories – general damages and special damages.

Theoretically speaking, you may receive a large compensation for calculating the damages, but in reality, the amount of compensation will depend on how well you can convince the insurance company to pay you what you have claimed. You may even have to convince the jury to force the insurance company to pay the amount. That is why it is important that you hire an 18-wheeler accident attorney when filing the lawsuit. The lawyer will not only help you understand your case and rights better, but he will also convince the defendant to pay what you deserve.

What are the special damages?

Special damages refer to those damages that are entirely monetary in nature. Such damages involve rather straightforward calculations. Some of the common special damages are court fees, lost wages for the time you have not been able to go to work for the injuries, lost income because of the long-term consequences of the injuries, property damages, and car repair costs, medical expenses for both past and future as well as treatment and rehabilitation costs.

What are the general damages?

Assigning monetary value to general damages is not easy. General damages are subjective damages. Compensation is calculated depending on the particular case. Some of the damages may include – compensation for suffering and pain, emotional and mental distress, physical impairments or disfigurements, loss of income, consortium, and so on.

It is important to learn about what sort of damages you are entitled to when you are filing a lawsuit.

Personal Injury Attorneys – Tire Blow-Out

Imagine this scenario: you’re driving under normal conditions. Suddenly, you experience a tire blowout. Your car swerves and yaws, losing control. You can’t steer or stop what’s about to happen…a catastrophic rollover accident. Unfortunately, this scenario is no fantasy for hundreds of drivers every year. Tire blowouts can be fatal – and they’ are due to fatal design flaws on the part of irresponsible tire manufacturers.personal injury law - tire blow-out

How do tire blowouts happen? Usually, they are due to design defects and flaws introduced by manufacturers who fail to properly test their tire designs or skimp on supplies or manufacturing conditions in favor of making a quick buck. Tire blowouts happen when the rubber tire tread separates from the metal belt contained within the tire, leading to a loss of control of the vehicle. Blowouts can happen under all sorts of driving conditions and at any time, often years after the vehicle was first purchased.

Why do tire blowouts occur? When a tire is poorly designed, it may lack the proper components to ensure safety on the road. In addition, inattention to proper manufacturing conditions can lead to blowouts when the adhesives that hold the tires together are compromised by contaminants like sawdust or moisture. Oxidation of the brass plating of the belts can cause a dangerous situation and endanger the adhesion of other tire components, including the all-essential tread.

“When a tire is poorly designed, it may lack the proper components to ensure safety on the road.”

Tire blowouts can have long-lasting consequences for drivers, who can experience severe injury and require years of expensive medical treatment. Fortunately, there is some recourse for these drivers. When defective tires cause tire blowouts, consumers can sue in civil court, seeking compensation for expenses such as medical care, rehabilitation, lost wages, even psychological pain and suffering and associated treatment.accident injury law

Our firm understands the gravity of tire blowout lawsuits, and we bring the entire body of experience and results garnered by our well-respected personal injury law firm to bear for each client we engage. We fight the big manufacturers – and we win on our clients’ behalf.

If you’re considering a tire blowout lawsuit, consider our firm. Call today for your free case consultation.